Meeting on the Design of the Fish Monitoring App (article available in Spanish)

 November 22, 2017

At the meeting, participants discussed the design of application in which fishermen (both professional and nonprofessional) will be able to record observations on fishing.


Technical Meeting about Citizen Science and Water Monitoring

September 25, 2017

After two intense and productive days, the 30 participants from 16 different organizations, with different specialties and experiences, enthusiastically discussed about citizen science and water monitoring solutions to help us learn more about fish migrations and the environmental factors that influence them, involving local communities, the general public, decision makers and scientists…


New Amazon conservation project is presented at Symposium of Mamirauá Institute

July 7, 2017

Mamirauá Institute organized the 14th Symposium on Conservation and Participatory Management in the Amazon. For three days, the event brought together 211 participants to attend the 80 scientific research exhibitions, through oral or poster presentations, as well as five lectures and three mini-courses. On the last day, Mamirauá and WCS launched the Citizen Science for the Amazon Project…


First Partner’s Meeting of Citizen Science

May 09, 2017

The First Partner’s Meeting of Citizen Science for the Amazon Project took place in Lima in April 2017 and brought together thirty-five organizations. The event was an opportunity to learn about citizen participation in the construction of scientific knowledge and lay the groundwork for a collaborative project between scientists and citizens in the Amazon…


AWI Seeks Input for Citizen Science Initiative

 November 26, 2016

Under the the Amazon Waters Initiative, WCS is researching existing citizen science and participatory monitoring  projects in the Amazon Basin.  

We are interested in learning and sharing your experience.

WCS is currently gathering information on projects that use scientific techniques and rely on the collaboration of non-scientists in the Amazon Region. We are particularly interested in an holistic approach focusing on waters, wetlands, and biodiversity, that is based on integrated river basin management. Citizen science is considered a critical part of this framework…

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