¿Where do fish in the Amazon migrate to and when? ¿What are the environmental factors that influence these migrations?


Many sources of data and information will be needed to answer these questions, including remote sensing and scientific surveys. However, a citizen science approach, combined with targeted, adequate, and effective technological solutions, is the best strategy to achieve data collection across the entire Amazon basin for two specific sets of data:


Where and when fish migrate to in the Amazon: we partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to develop an online platform and associated tools to collect, store, analyze and visualize fish presence data.

Environmental factors
(for example, water level, temperature, conductivity, suspended sediment concentration, pH, dissolved oxygen and dissolved organic carbon): we will field-test low-cost, user-friendly, all-weather devices to collect these data, and make recommendations for extensive deployment. We will test two different approaches: (a) network of sensors and data loggers and (b) a community science model that emphasizes working with youth to identify and address community problems with citizen science and technological innovation tools.