The Citizen Science for the Amazon Project utilizes a citizen science approach to generate information about fish and water at a basin-wide scale, and to engage citizen scientists as informed, empowered stakeholders for the sustainable management of fisheries and the conservation of wetlands. In this way, we will contribute to the grander objective of conserving the Amazon’s freshwater ecosystems and improve its inhabitants’ livelihoods.

Project Description

This WCS-lead project is developing a collaboration network that includes individuals, government agencies

Amazon Waters Initiative

This Project contributes to the Amazon Waters Initiative …


Fishes link the Amazon. Giant catfish migrations connect the Brazilian estuary to the Andean headwaters…

Guiding Principles

The ten guiding principles that inform Project design and implementation are:

Methodological Approach

¿Where do fish in the Amazon migrate to and when? ¿What are the environmental factors that influence…

Taxonomic Coverage 

The Amazon basin has the highest fish biodiversity in the world, with a species ….